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At CHRIST'S COMMUNITY CHURCH we want to be agents of change in our community… a haven where the love of Christ is shown by meeting practical and spiritual needs ..., and an avenue to be the hands and feet of Christ for those looking to do more with the gifts and talents God has given them. 


Acts 2:44 tells us that "all those who believed were together and had all things in common". We believe that sharing our lives together in community is where we fully carry out Christ's mandate for us to GO. Sharing our testimonies, bearing one another's burdens, being of one heart and soul makes us all stronger and of one mind to carry out our Father's business. 


It is not about us, but about Christ and how He wants to use us in our commuity. That is the essence of our name. If you are concerned about color, status, or money - this is not the place for you. BUT, if you are looking for a place that is interested in winning people to person, one family at a time, come and see what we are all about.



Our pastor, Lemar Walker, began working in the ministry over 30 years ago. Often when sharing his testimony, he states that he was a "fool" for the devil, the least he can do now is to be a "fool" for the Lord. He knows that the only remedy for what ails a hurting heart and soul is Jesus.


After being odained in 1979, his call to carry out Jesus' command of the Great Commission has taken him to Africa, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Dominican Republic, and India. He feels it is the mandate of every believer to use the gifts, talents, and resources for the building up of God's kingdom.


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